About Us


We are a world renowned rugby brand committed to global distinction and excellence. Our products are used globally through competitions like the Rugby World Cup and national teams;  England, Wales, Scotland, Australia, South Africa, France, Italy and Argentina rugby unions.  

We have also continued to develop rugby balls designed for entry-level participants, but still staying true to our ethos of high quality and ethically sourced at a reasonable price.

As our business has advanced, we have invested resources towards to become a major player in the teamwear space. We have the ability to customising clothing for clubs and competitions, as well as products such as rugby post padding and custom balls. 

First in 1823… foremost ever since.


Our brand mission is to provide the highest quality and fit for purpose, ethically manufactured rugby balls and apparel on the market.


We pride ourself on ensuring our full product range is in the very
best position to meet the challenges presented in ball development, apparel and equipment to lead the way in the exciting new era of GILBERT Rugby products.

GILBERT strive to continually innovate manufacturing technology that ensures performance, consistency and precision when producing rugby balls. 

Extensive research and development continues to see GILBERT lead the way in rugby ball manufacture and all other areas of rugby equipment, continuing to maintain the highest standards set by James Gilbert two centuries ago.

GILBERT is the long-standing official ball supplier for England, Wales, Scotland, Australia, South Africa, France, Italy and Argentina rugby unions, also being the official supplier for the Rugby World Cup since 1995. 


Our products are sourced from ethical factories, with no child labour and workers paid above the minimums. We remain environmentally friendly, using materials responsibly and cutting down on plastic where possible.


The Original brand GILBERT is derived from William Gilbert (1799-1877) who had a boot and shoemakers shop in the high street next to Rugby School and started making rugby balls for the school out of hand stitched, four-panel, leather casings and real pigs' bladders.

Always at the forefront of innovation, in 1875, the first rubber bladder was invented and the modern rugby ball evolved to improve passing and handling.